Patient Care Areas

Patient care units are evolving to focus more on the individual needs and comforts of patients. Unicell products help you organize your patient care unit around the patient room facilitating efficient bed-side care.

Do we design healthcare environments for the patient or the caregiver? We at Unicell believe that both are equally important. Our design mandate is to create simple, durable, flexible and ergonomically correct products that enable the caregiver to provide the best care possible while providing a calm and welcoming environment for the patient.

From the central and decentralized nurse stations to the bedside, Unicell modular components provide adjustable work environments.

  • Unicell makes it easy for staff to identify, retrieve and deliver supplies and medications effectively and efficiently so that the caregiver can create efficient user friendly workspaces that adapt with your changing needs.
  • Our modular storage and cart system provides you with the storage for the supplies and materials you need throughout the entire patient care unit. 
  • Given the varying levels of acuity for each patient and unit type, the Unicell system helps to contain costs and maintain efficiency without compromising infection control standards.

Unicell planning assistance. We will work with you and your team to create an attractive, efficient and flexible patient care unit. Whether you require assistance with your nurse stations, med prep areas, nourishment/nutrition area or the patient room, our certified healthcare designers have extensive experience in patient care space planning, design and modular consultation.

We utilize the latest design and visualization tools to help you clearly understand the design process
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