Nurse Stations

We understand the demands of a nurse station; efficiency, chart flow, ergonomic support, accessibility, storage, durability, flexibility, technology, security, confidentiality, sightlines. We also know that no two nurse stations are the same. This is why we developed Unicell modular nurse stations. 

  • Make changes without disruption or downtime.  Unicell modular nurse stations install quickly without the typical problems and restrictions associated with construction.
  • You can reconfigure a Unicell nurse station again and again, while maintaining integrity, durability and increasing your return on investment.
  • Unicell gives you greater freedom to create. Our modular system makes it easy to respond to change while giving you creative freedom with a wide variety of durable materials and finishes that you can constantly update to reflect a desired image.
  • Unicell will work with you to create efficient nurse stations that continually respond to your changing needs.  Our certified healthcare designers have extensive experience in nurse station space planning, design and modular consultation.  We utilize the latest design and visualization tools to help you clearly understand the design process. 

Refined, durable, responsive & efficient


  • Frames, tiles and wall rails form the basic structure of our system.
  • 3-inch welded steel fame with painted tiles meets a broad range of needs. Tile can be either powder coated metal, wood, glass, fabric or laminate.
  • The frame system has high load bearing capabilities with bolt connection that offers unsurpassed strength and flexibility.
  • Unicell Rail System can be cut to any width and can attach to any structure.

Work Surfaces

  • Unicell modular countertops, sink adaptable modules or freestanding table work surfaces are 1 1/4 inches thick and are available with a choice of surface: standard or chemical resistant plastic laminate, chemical/heat resistant epoxy resin, stainless steel or solid surface.
  • The plastic laminate surface is available with or without a retainer edge at the back. The other surfaces are available with or without a backsplash.
  • Unicell modular countertops and sink adaptable modules are height adjustable from the seated to standing position.
The flexibility is as limitless as your imagination


  • Unicell offers a variety of overhead and below work surface storage components that range from steel shelving, a variety of filing products and accessories to a series of self-contained structural plastic cells.
  • Cells are available in a variety of sizes with interchangeable components which include drawers, hinged or lift doors, bi-directional roll doors and locking options.
  • Slat tiles support a variety of paper management and organizational tools.


  • Unicell systems consist of a series of high-strength, structural-modeled cells in mix-and-match sizes which provide ample storage capacity.
  • Cells can be fitted with casters to form self-contained carts. Cells can be wheeled anywhere at any time, on their own casters, or with Unicell distribution carts to lift cells on and off the rails.
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