Critical Care

Critical care areas are high functioning environments that require flexibility so that staff can perform critical tasks efficiently. Unicell® Critical Care environments enable staff to identify, retrieve and deliver supplies and medications effectively and efficiently.

With the planning assistance of our dedicated healthcare designers and consultants, we will ensure your critical care environments respond to your constantly changing technology, procedure and work style needs.

With the variety of critical care units (MICU, SICU, CCU, CVU, NICU, PICU, RICU), the common requirements are low patient to staff ratio, close patient monitoring and the bedside administrating of diagnostics and treatment. To achieve these requirements, a flexible, adaptable and mobile storage and delivery system is the best solution.

Change without the cost and disruption of renovation

Many patients in a critical care unit have compromised immunities, thus infection control is a higher priority in these areas.

  • The Unicell system maintains septic control (contamination control) because there are no gaps, cracks or crevices. 
  • Our products are highly mobile and can be easily disassembled and exchanged, permitting the use of automated washers. 
  • Storage components can be separated quickly for ease of cleaning. Storage drawers and dividers have a contoured design that eliminates seams, tight corners, or crevices where dirt can collect or where bacteria can grow. 
  • The surfaces are free of microscopic grooves and the geometry allows access by  water jets to all surfaces as well as quick unobstructed draining.
  • Unicell is a totally flexible, completely modular storage and cart system for staging, storing and delivering the thousands of material and supply items a modern Critical Care Unit needs to function.
From the nurse station to the bedside, Unicell has a modular
solution for your critical care unit
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