Supply & Procedure Carts

The Unicell modular system of transport & storage products was designed to meet the drive for cost containment and operational efficiency in the health care industry. With the growing need for uncompromising standards of patient care and employee well-being, providers must maximize every investment. At Unicell we help you do just that.

Unicell Supply & Procedure Carts have been designed to meet the requirements of clinical environments that require a high quality, flexible and efficient method of transporting materials and equipment wherever and whenever they are needed.

More versatility, more flexibility, more capacity & more efficiency.
  • Created specifically to meet the exacting requirements of today’s health care providers, our carts are strong and durable, easy to clean and easy to adapt to a variety of uses.
  • Each cart has a one-piece, high-strength structural plastic body that can hold between 5.5 and 7.5 cubic feet of interior storage space and over 250 pounds.
  • Unicell carts are ergonomically designed with operator-friendly features like easy-roll, straight-steering casters and “shoe-sized” foot brakes. A 24” x 24” footprint makes these carts easy to maneuver
  • Optional features include IV poles, bins, glove holders, sharps containers, over bridges and transparent covers.
  • Unicell Supply & Procedure Carts meet the most stringent infection control standards and can be decontaminated at 180° F or 82° C.
  • Surfaces are treated to withstand abrasion and chemicals, and are virtually rust, chip and dent-proof.
  • Unlike some wood based products, Unicell carts will not splinter or delaminate.
Custom is always an option -
Unicell will design the perfect cart to suit your requirements
  • One-piece solid construction maintains septic control (contamination control) because there are no gaps, cracks or crevices. Unicell has superior strength and rigidity over multiple piece constructed frames which use glue to hold the pieces together. This feature sets Unicell apart as the system of choice for heavy use areas requiring hot wash cleaning which can cause glued systems to separate.
  • Unicell cells have a polyurethane exterior coating creating greater abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning.
  • The C27D storage locker provides 16.5 cubic feet of interior storage space with an adjustable position retainer bar for additional strength for heavy loads.
  • Dual roll front doors provide an ergonomic and quick means of accessing the stored materials. The dual operation allows “middle-up, middle- down” opening and closing for easy use without undue user action.
  • Cells have a 4-position adjustable mounting key.