About Unicell

Unicell has been well established for three decades as a supplier of premier products throughout the world in the fields of:

  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Health Care

What is the Unicell Concept?

Unicell is a flexible materials handling, storage and cart system which is easy to configure. It consists of a series of structural molded cells, in a variety of sizes, which provides superior storage capacity. 

We combine custom design and quality manufacturing to create a product specific to any customer's needs.
  • Unicell has a vast system of interchangeable components that integrate with mobile and flexible work surfaces.
  • Cells can be free-standing, fitted with casters to form self-contained carts, or mounted on walls, utilizing the Unicell rail system.
  • Unicell can provide CAD drawings and design solutions to assist you to develop your ideal workspace.
  • After-market service and support are provided to you as your needs evolve. Unicell distributors do not make a sale, they form a relationship.