Materials Management

Unicell is totally flexible, completely modular storage and cart system for staging, storing and delivering the thousands of material and supply line items a modern health care institution needs to function.

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Unicell systems consist of a series of high-strength, structural-molded cells in mix-and-match sizes which provide ample storage capacity. Unicell can be configured to meet any materials storage requirement with interchangeable trays, drawer fronts, inserts, dividers, shelves, bins, baskets, hinged or lift doors with or without locks and bi-level doors.

As simple as a child's "building block" toy kit

Cells can be hung off the floor on wall-mounted rails or fitted with casters to form self-contained carts. They eliminate the need for built-in casework and are instantly adaptable to the changing needs of every department. Nothing is fixed in place but the wall rails. 

Cells can be moved, relocated or rearranged at will.  They can be wheeled anywhere at any time, on their own casters, or with Unicell distribution carts to lift cells on and off the rails.

  • To stand up under the wear and tear of the busiest hospital, Unicell housings are structurally engineered and designed to meet today’s important seismic requirements.
  • One-piece solid construction maintains septic control (contamination control) because there are no gaps, cracks or crevices. Unicell has superior strength and rigidity over multiple piece constructed frames which use glue to hold the pieces together. This feature sets Unicell apart as the system of choice for heavy use areas requiring hot wash cleaning which can cause glued systems to separate.
  • Unicell cells have a polyurethane exterior coating creating greater abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • The C27D provides 16.5 cubic feet of interior storage space and an adjustable position retainer bar for additional strength for heavy loads. 
  • Cells have a 4-position adjustable mounting key.
  • Unicell rail attaches directly to (on center) studs. Installations do not require wall backing.
  • Dual roll front doors provide an ergonomic and quick means of accessing the stored materials.  The dual operation allows “middle-up, middle-down” opening and closing for easy use without undue user action.
  • Several preconfigured carts are available and custom is an option - Unicell will design the perfect cart to suit your requirements.