Mounting Structure for Wall-mount Configurations

Upper and lower Unicell Rail

Universal Mounting System

The Universal Mounting System, or UMS, comprises of a horizontal Rail and Work Surface Brackets.

The horizontal Rail attaches to interior architectural walls to create wall-mounted furniture configurations.

The Work Surface Brackets securely hang from the Rail and can be positioned anywhere along the Rail.

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Features & Benefits Highlights

Unicell Rail materials and components
System FeaturesResulting Benefits
Weight capacity of 200 lbs / linear foot under standard rail installation conditions
Can withstand heavy loads as a result of material weights and quantities
Semi-permanent attachment into architectural walls with minimal penetration points.The Universal Mounting System can easily be re-located with minimal disruption to a facility’s interior architecture.
Rail provides a continuous horizontal mounting surface.Easy to wipe clean and allows for quick re-configuration of Work Surfaces and Unicell Storage components.
Rail Back is constructed of extruded aluminum
Light-weight with excellent structural integrity
Provides a common platform for multiple furniture component types
Modular furniture components that hang from the Rail are easily re-configurable without disrupting architectural interior walls
Horizontal orientation, comes in various lengths up to 12’, can be mounted side by side, and can be cut to size
Allows maximum potential of overlapping a partition stud and can satisfy the dimension of any architectural wall

Mobile Mounting Structure

Mobile storage units with Unicell Cells

4 Sizes of Mobile Storage Units

Mobile Storage Units allow for multiple 27 Module Cell Assemblies to be stored on a sturdy steel frame.

The steel frame is complete with rubber-tread locking casters for increased flexibility in re-configuring a room or transporting a large quantity of materials all at once.

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Features & Benefits Highlights

System FeaturesResulting Benefits
Minimal product footprint and easy to move/repositionIncreased access to floor for cleaning

Unit’s ease of mobility allows for quick transport from one location to another as part of frequent workflow, or room reconfiguration

Welded steel frame construction provides efficient ratio of structural strength to frame sizeProvides an excellent ratio of available storage room to space occupied by furniture components
Mounting Rail provides a continuous horizontal mounting surfaceEasy to wipe clean and allows for re-configuration of 27 Module Cells

Mounting Structure for Free-standing Configurations

Hospital Reception Area using Haworth and Unicell

Haworth’s Compose® Furniture System

Unicell storage and work surface components can integrate with a modular panel system called Compose, manufactured by Haworth Inc.

The Compose system combined with Unicell components allows for free-standing furniture configurations.

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