To Help Organize Everyday Use Items

A variety of accessory components are provided to further assist in the organization and handling of workspace materials.

The accessories are modular in nature just like the overall component system. Some accessories are quickly interchangeable between Storage Components like Cell Assemblies and Shelf Units.

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Features & Benefits Highlights

System FeaturesResulting Benefits
DISTRIBUTION CART - Foot-operated lift mechanism that leverages a 27 Module Deep Cell off and onto a Unicell wall-mount Rail

Possible to reconfigure an entire room of wall-mount 27 Module Deep Cells in a short period of time

Does the heavy lifting safely to prevent worker injury

SUB CONTAINERS - Three different sized individual storage modules available in packages of 12 or as sub container kits

Three different sets of dimensions between each size of sub container that fit side by side in different orientations

Allows for quick and easy removal for cleaning of the sub container or cleaning of the storage components it’s stored within

Accommodates different sizes of smaller materials such as pharmaceuticals

Allows for high level of user-preference for arrangement on Shelving or within Interior Components

Quickly interchangeable to respond to changes in workflow or materials storage requirements