Modular Storage Components

Storage unit with drawers, shelves, and enclosure

Configurable Cell Assemblies

Cell Assemblies = Base Cell Unit + Interior Components + Enclosures

Designed to meet the needs of ever-changing work environments, Cell Assemblies are a modular storage system that can be created in different sizes and colors in a multitude of configurations.

Cell Assemblies mount onto the Unicell Rail in an upper or below work surface position; or can configured with transport components.

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Base Cell Unit

System FeaturesResulting Benefits
One-piece structural polystyrene foam constructionEliminates the creation of contamination catchalls and won’t degrade over time

Suitable for automated washers of temperatures up to 180 degrees F

Slow-speed foam injection molding process along with the material creates a rigid Cell structure with a hardened protective wall
Cell structure won’t chip, rust, or dent
Material does degrade due to friction from components rubbing
Polyurethane acrylic enamel finish with lightly stippled texture
High chemical resistance, withstands automated wash temperature, with same durability standard as business machine and electronic cabinetry market

Lifetime warranty on material defects and workmanship
Provides costs savings on future capital equipment investment
Inherent modular logic and non-permanent attachment to the RailEasily re-configurable to save time and minimize disruption

Interior Components

System FeaturesResulting Benefits
Trays and Interior Shelf have similar base material properties as the Cell
Can withstand automated cart washes

No cracks or crevices that act as contaminant catchalls

Load capacity of Trays - 40lbs
Load capacity of Interior Shelf – 50lbs
Load capacity of Wire Components – 50lbs
Capable of being fully loaded with materials to maximize available storage space
All Interior Components interchangeable with one another
Allows for flexible planning of Cell interiors and quick reconfiguration
All interior components come with positive stops to prevent accidental removal
Helps prevent material breakage and work injury


System FeaturesResulting Benefits

One-piece structural polystyrene foam construction (same as Base Cell Units)

Full width pull with rounded corners

Easily snaps on and off Trays with no additional hardware required for attachment


Same durability standard as business machine and electronic cabinetry market

Full access to pull from either left side, middle, or right side

Re-configurable between Trays : easily replaceable if new color is desired


Non-permanent attachment within Cell and constructed of flexible polypropylene


Easily removed for cleaning and won’t crack or tear


Pull is full width and angled outward

7 different ABS plastic colors with opportunity for quantity-based custom color

Clear plastic option


Easy to operate

Full access to pull from either left side, middle, or right side

Allows for color variety when selecting a facility finish color scheme

Clear option allows quick visual access into Cell to identify contents

Shelf Units

Available in an angled or flat shelf orientation, Shelf Units come in a variety of widths and heights and hang from the Unicell Rail.

Shelf Units can also have solid or glass doors added on to become enclosed cabinet units. The doors can also be specified with locking capability.

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Features & Benefits Highlights

System FeaturesResulting Benefits
Available in 2, 3, and 4 shelf high units with nominal widths of 24”, 30”, 36”, 42″, and 48”
Allows for flexibility in modular planning and shelf units are easily interchangeable with Cell Assemblies
Mounts onto the Rail with an adjustable three-height position key
Utilizes ‘off-floor’ capability provided by the Rail system
Shelves can be specified and installed in a flat or angled orientation

Shelf unit doors that are solid or with a tempered glass insert can be added : doors are lockable as an option

Flexibility of choice according to facility storage requirements

A Shelf Unit installed with angled shelves can easily be converted into a unit with flat shelves with doors.