Case Studies
Moran Eye Center

When the Moran Eye Center's ophthalmology facility at the University of Utah Medical Center opened its 82,000 square foot facility, it used the opportunity to reduce costs in the field of materials management.

With the assistance of Unicell® modular storage system, the Moran Eye Center set out to minimize supply inventory, contain the costs associated with materials handling, and further enhance their just-in-time (JIT) inventory management system. The Center reduced inventory by 30 to 40 percent within the first year. The savings were more than their initial investment in the Unicell system. To help achieve their goals, Unicell storage and distribution modules are strategically located in the outpatient clinic, sterile supply, central processing, and the surgery center.

Featuring a wide variety of modules and interchangeable interior fittings, Unicell can easily be configured for countless applications.  In a clinical application, they stock inventory in a replenishment cell, then wheel it from exam room to exam room replenishing stock throughout the outpatient clinic. Using Unicell, they maintain a baseline amount of inventory in each exam room and eliminate huge inventory stocks in the built-in cabinets.

From the pharmaceutical perspective, Unicell trays are the exact height that they need in their exam rooms. The pharmacists are able to replenish all 26 examination lanes in about 35 minutes each morning by simply replacing trays in a cell and moving to the next room.

The product features really allow for flexibility, and as they worked with the cells, they discovered how well the product adapted to match their needs. Several units are hung on wall-mounted rails in the central store-room. A transporter cart quickly and easily mounts units on rails or lifts them off for relocation. Other cells roll on casters to create flexible storage and distribution units. For added flexibility, the minor procedure rooms, supply rooms, and surgery suites have wall-mounted rail systems to hang cells in a variety of locations depending on the application.

JIT Materials Management
In order to manage the daily delivery and distribution of thousands of supplies, the Moran Eye Center has its own shipping and receiving dock.  They operate on a 'just-in-time' inventory management system where the supplier provides product in a 'just-as needed' fashion. Trucks pull up to the dock, materials are unloaded in the loading dock area, loaded into the Unicell systems, and distributed throughout the Center.

To better monitor inventory quantities and improve supply organization, Unicell drawers, dividers, trays, and accessories provide a specific location for each item. The nurses like the dividers and modularity of the system which allows them to bin items appropriately, enhancing the JIT inventory management system. 

Commitment to Excellence
Product warranty, prompt installation, and superior service were important decision-making factors in selecting UNICELL® storage systems.  In the design of this facility, they anticipated the Moran Eye Center to be a world-recognized center of excellence in ophthalmology. Because of this, they were very selective in choosing supplier relationships and products that would represent them in this journey. They looked for commitment to excellence in the products they chose to achieve their goals.

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