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Texas A & M Veterinary Medical Center
The Texas A & M Veterinary Medical Center opened its doors to its new equine and large animal hospital. They used the opportunity to consolidate storage and improve hygiene in this 140,000 square foot facility by installing UNICELL®, a flexible materials storage and handling system.

UNICELL® provides the Texas A & M Medical Center with durable, water resistant, supply storage and distribution systems for treating patients such as: horses, cows, sheep and goats.

Sterility and ease of cleaning were major factors in the decision to use UNICELL®. Working in a constantly wet environment, there was concern about possible germs and infection contaminating the animals. UNICELL® meets and exceeds these challenges with smooth, easy to clean, sterile surfaces which withstand washing temperatures of up to 180 degrees F. (82 degrees C). The one-piece construction of each UNICELL® component eliminates hidden grooves or slots which could potentially trap bacteria and germs. For superior sanitation, UNICELL® units even withstand industrial cleaning chemicals.

Another major benefit of the UNICELL® system is its flexible design. With areas ranging from exam rooms to treatment and recovery stalls, a large animal benefits tremendously from a modular, mobile storage and handling system. UNICELL® units can be mounted on rails, transported by dolly, or fitted with casters to form mobile carts. Over 200 UNICELL® units outfit this Texas-sized facility.

Taking advantage of UNICELL®'s mobility options, the hospital uses under counter storage cabinets, crash carts, medication carts, mobile work stations, and instrument tables for surgery.

Hanging wall units in the animal wards provide a space-efficient storage supply system. Patients can have customized units with interchangeable drawers, shelves, and interior components, to meet their individual treatment needs.

The strength of structural foam injection-molded plastic really stands up under the wear and tear of the busiest days at the hospital. Yet, UNICELL® medication carts and supply storage units are lightweight and easy to use for all types of treatment applications.

"The extra large capacity provides room for our bulkiest equipment and supplies, without compromising strength," stated a Professor of Large Animal Medicine.

Value-Added Service
Behind every UNICELL® installation is an exclusive UNICELL® representative committed to providing custom facility planning, installation service, and overall customer assistance. Since the UNICELL® system was installed at the veterinarian clinic, the UNICELL® representative has returned to exchange components and assist with changing the products' configurations. By combining a flexible design with superior customer support, UNICELL® delivers an effective materials handling system that's designed to accommodate change and made to last.