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UNICELL® UniChase components will provide flexibility in laboratory design and function.  Modular components facilitate rearrangement, relocation and interchangeability as user requirements change. 
UNICELL® provides Peninsula-Island Modules (Low or Tall) that are double-faced and can be freestanding.  Perimeter Modules are single-faced units for use against a wall.  Both styles have horizontal rails to support adjustable surfaces or other accessories.  Modular construction allows mechanical and electrical services to be run through the units unobstructed and out of sight.  Face panels can be removed for installation and servicing.
What Does the UniChase System Do?
Flexible - Custom designed - Versatile. These are some of the qualities that set our system apart from other laboratory manufacturers.  Our design philosophy is based on simplicity and efficiency. 
Each modular unit can be used alone or combined with others to create multifunctional solutions for any environment.
We appreciate the unique nature of your work stations.  With a variety of components such as drawers, shelving, hinge or lift doors and work surfaces, the possibilities are endless for creating units to suit your setting.


Competitive Advantage

  • Modular components facilitate rearrangement, changeability and relocation without major remodeling.

  • No hidden grooves or slots, so soil and microbacterial content are easily dislodged when washed.

  • Structural, plastic molded one-piece modular cells that are easy to clean.

  • High chemical resistance.

  • Sturdy adjustable countertops and shelves with multiple surface choices.

  • Cells integrate with lab furniture and can be peninsula-island or wall-mounted.

  • Adaptable to other systems and panels.

  • Positive stops on drawers and shelves enhance safety.

  • Tax advantages.

The cells can be utilized in any environment, regardless of available space; cells can be hung on wall-mounted rails or fitted with casters for standard cart usage.