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What does UNICELL pharmacy systems do?
In today's ever changing environment UNICELL flexible pharmacy products provides a way to meet your ever changing needs without major expense or renovations.  Easily handling changes such as adding new medications, new people to your staff, converting to a unit dose system or setting up a satellite pharmacy in another area.
UNICELL'S easily arranged pharmacy products address your specific requirements for WORK, STORAGE, TRANSPORT, AND DISPENSING.
Dispensing bins and rails systems
Allows bins to be hung at a convenient angle on walls or panels.  Lets you see what you have and adjusts  for the best work station ergonomics to fit your employees.
Deep or narrow shelves that hang above or below the work areas to store various sized item.
Work surfaces
Can be adjusted up or down to meet requirements on any given day.  Can be hung on walls or panels.
Overhead storage
Can be closed or open units.  Lock available.
Sink adaptable modules
Moveable units that can be mounted on walls or panels
Mobile storage carts
Mobile carts can be made for many heights - depending on storage needs.  Carts can be filled with cassette for medication carts.